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Alexander Trinidad

Hello! I'm the founder of Yoga & Combat. Following the impact of Covid I launched Yoga & Combat as a recipe for physical fitness and spiritual enlightenment. I had aspirations of running my own Taekwondo club and wanted to offer familes the opportunity to come together through Yoga. When Taekwondo failed to provide the necessary mental boost, Yoga was my saving grace. So here I am providing sanity for familes and developing peaceful warriors.

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My Story

Growing up I remember watching the classic martial arts films; Best of the Best, Bloodsport and all Bruce Lee films. I would even jump up and down on my bed trying to perform a jumping kick with the hope of hitting the lamp shade. Needless to say I was hooked and at the age of 13 I received my black belt in Taekwondo.

In my teens I was fortunate enough to compete in the Andalucía Taekwondo League, where I won the league without losing a single fight.  In my University days I use to commute over an hour to Coventry to visit Master Neil Guest who was the examiner for my black belt promotion. I took a lot of traditional value from his classes. I maxmized my time in the UK by competing regularly and always took the opportunity to pass on what I learnt when I returned to Gibraltar.

When I joined the Police and started my family it was a struggle to have a balance lifestyle between work, family and training. When I did have a moment to myself I often found myself training in Hapkido. Later on, I found Yoga! I really wished I had discovered it earlier.   I really saw the value in Yoga and thought it was something that I should introduce to my children, so I flew to London and qualified as a family yoga teacher. 

I then launched Yoga & Combat in September 2020 as a not for profit sports club and the rest is history!



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. So I'm happy to offer my services towards businesses who may be seeking a corperate team building event, private clients and off season sports teams.


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